November 27, 2009

Baby Born With IUD in Hand

baby born with IUD in handImage: Baby with IUD in hand

There is a medical story about a baby born with an IUD (Intrauterine device) in his hand. This scenario is used as an example of contraceptive failure.
Is this story just another doctor joke or an urban legend?
"My mom claims that my aunt knows a woman that got pregnant while using an IUD as birth control and the baby was born holding the device in her hand. Is this an urban legend or could it be true?"

"The IUD is the world's most widely used method of reversible birth control, currently used by nearly 160 million women (just over two-thirds of whom are in China where it is the most widely used birth control method, surpassing sterilization). The device has to be fitted inside and removed from the uterus by a doctor or qualified medical practitioner. It remains in place the entire time pregnancy is not desired. Depending on the type, a single IUD is approved for 5 to 10 years, and trials have demonstrated the copper T 380A to be effective for at least 12 years."

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